Heaven’s Guarantees
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God promises this to be our dawn of discovering His plan for reaching the

hearts of our future church leaders; our youth, via scripture & silver hair.

Looking into the sky above, reminds us of God’s rainbow of promise, never  to be broken. Each morning and evening the colors of the sun remind us of  His majestic enduring power, covering us like the sheltering wings of  protective parents. His printed promises and plan, we can hold in our  hands, like touching His heart with our questions, praise, prayers, and  heartaches. God’s inspired Word is not a collection of readings for us, but  a place of feeding our own spirits and shared with others around us. We can’t savor the rainbow of promise that calms us after stormy times  without looking to it with trust. Similarly, we must trust in the printed  promises in our hands, feed on them often and also heeding their  warnings.  

Doors of Opportunity Have

Been Opening All Around Us.

People today, rich and poor, young and old, have committed their lives to  instant, on-the-go communication and entertainment, never dreamed of just  a few years ago. But their actions and attitudes give evidence that nothing  man can manufacture gives any peace, comfort, or purpose. God has  directed the church to be the coach, the town crier, the strong signaler  “SOS” that opportunity is now in its MIDNIGHT HOUR.  * But it’s not automatic. We must be daily involved in joyful trusting obedience.
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