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A START HERE Showcase - An on-the-go introduction to why church youth are leaving and how to get them back. In most cases, on a zero budget. Resource: #105 Balanced Life - Jesus as teen Luke 2:52 Resource: Power Quad #205 Comfort Zone Visitation - Outreach without fear Resource: #501 Computer Preacher - Giving preeminence to evangelism with technology and promoting scriptural computing principles, and promoting church reform in its misuse of technology. See also Recooked Curriculum. Evangelism Computing - Technology used in evangelism where evangelism is given preeminence. If computer skills and working hardware are required, it’s likely not Evangelism Computing (see Unplugged Computing)’ Flour-Powered Computing - a.k.a. Cardboard Computing ministries toward younger youth. Resource: #302 Heaven’s Diamonds - Duo Search Puzzles - Resource: This Way For Fun #215 Joy, Full Joy - Unlike happiness, joy (our enduring ‘joy-roots’) are in the teachings of Christ that carry us through life’s storms. Full Joy is to savor our expanding joy as we consistently give sacrificially in service and substance in God’s will. Resource: The Teen Bridge #212 Kid Temperature - First steps in determining why your church youth are leaving and how to get them back. (see START HERE Showcase) Leading From Behind Quartet - Listening, Learning, Loving, Leading (in that order) Resource: The Teen Bridge #212, Green Hair ‘n Red Eyes Website #226 More Than Conquerors - We can win PLUS RULE as partnered with Christ. Resource: The Teen Bridge #212 Recooked Curriculum - Curriculum and themes (often fictitious) used decades ago, that make no mention of the Bible’s computing principles. #105 SpaceAGE - (acrostic) Students Promoting Accountability in Computing and Evangelism; Always Godly Efforts - Resource: # 303 Study To Be Quiet - Unlike quiet surroundings, this is a calm quiet spirit, trusting in God’s promises. Resource: The Teen Bridge #212 Unplugged Computing - a.k.a. Evangelism Computing includes Tech Trash Computing, Flour-Powered Computing etc. Resource: #302
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