support @ The Computer Preacher is Jim ‘Gramps’ Curtis, Hillsboro Ohio © 2010 Work.Space Programming Planting missionary seeds in preschoolers to silver-haired using non-technical non-denominational object lessons, games, workshops etc. They learn and share unity, hygiene, individuality, God’s love, protection, and provision; always linked to God’s precious word.  Advanced Searches ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine [rules], for reproof [testing], for correction [discipline], for instruction [learning] in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect [complete], throughly furnished unto  ALL good works [includes computers].   [Emphasis mine]          2 nd Timothy 3:16, 17      Tags: Churches are Cheating our Children, kids, Methods Reforms Required, Where are the church kids, Spacegate, SpaceGate, Tech Trash Evangelism, God’s Computer Manual, Technology Trap, church curriculum, unique, outside the box, Computer Preacher, cp 7.21     © 2010-11-13  Work.Space Programming              Places Where Computers are Talked About... and NOT: School Computer savvy by students in 1st grade required. Homework and online research must use Technology. Work Technology replaces humans. Jobs are automated or outsourced overseas,       devastating unity in many families. Home Smart phones, texting, social networking, Facebook,       Twitter etc by girls and mobile violent video games      for boys. Heavy discussion about technology by family. Parents fear tech addiction by youth and immoral web       surfing and Phishing predators of small children. Church Office and Media Room Technology seizes critical position in church       administration and medial presentation. Flash and flair hides missing Spirit and motivating       action. But... Church Pulpit & Teachers Are totally silent about godly use of tech. Teaching chooses cowboy or dinosaur       themes instead of acknowledging the       world's addiction to misused tech. Therefore... The church is driving their youth away by refusing to present the never-changing Gospel message in a language (technology flavored) that acknowledges their interests. The Bible Has... Scripture that is loaded with computing and communicating principles that churches must begin teaching as part of the Great Commission. Contrary to the impressions of every church you and I have seen, God’s word must have its rightful place right next to our computer keyboard, and smartphone scripture callup buttons.      Church leadership is turning a blind eye to the rift growing between seniors and students. And right when they are actually a perfect discipling team.      Along with scripture, the seniors can use computer junk in non-technical ways, as metaphors for teaching God’s love that spans every generation. This is one way missionaries are born.