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It's Them! I'm Not The Problem!   But Our Church Youth Have been Leaving – What's Wrong With Them? Hint: Maybe the 'wrong' is not all with 'them'. When our skin feels cold, we look at the thermometer. It changes our understanding from feelings to fact – it tells us 10 degrees too cold etc. When we adjust the furnace control, the thermometer shows us the furnace is doing its job. Taking Your Church Temperature The youth of most every church are leaving and not returning, for a simple reason – the attitudes of the church are shunning them – it's cold to their needs and challenges in their present world. A church that truly cares about its future, needs to take its KID TEMPERATURE, throughout the whole building and its programs – on a regular basis too. 3.A - Kid Temperature Tips In taking the kid temperature of your church, you must first see teens most often are visual feeders. Because their reading, writing, and typing skills are not always up to par, they go for the video/audio resources. Besides... video and audio is faster, louder, and flashier. They like to create
things putting their own imagination to work. It's like they want their creation to have their stamp on it; that somehow says, “Hey. I'm no dummy!”  They love challenges. Boys on games, girls on multitasking conversations and being the fastest 'news' reporters of their on-line network. Today it's a gigantic phenomenon called, “Social Networking.” More specifically, boys like loud, messy, high energy, construction, and competition. The girls like feelings, fashion, communication, and companions. Just as important, we must fathom the information tsunami our youth entered when they were born. This is tough for us silver-haired seniors to come to grips with. Right now, there is more than 1 hour of video (free) uploaded to the Internet's YouTube EVERY SECOND. In that same second there are 3,500 photos uploaded to Facebook. When it comes to geography, the Internet can show you roads and scenery on any spot on our planet. Machines follow commands we speak to them, and go places no man has ever gone. This means we need to be wise and caring in the type of 'kid thermometer' we use. We can't begin its use without deep caring prayer and trusting God's promises in scripture. 3.B - Kid Temperature – First Impressions Our church walls should tell visitors, even before words, more...
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